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How to Ask Customers For Google Reviews

Customer reviews remain vital to business owners and often make or break a business in today’s competitive markets. Most customers trust products and services with good online reviews. Google reviews, the most popular online reviews and one of the first things a prospect sees when searching, continues to affect businesses either positively or negatively. With the customer’s trust in your product or service dependent on a high volume of 4- or 5-star reviews, earning these becomes a must for your businesses. Reviews also increase a website’s click-thru-rate, or CTR, up to...

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Beware of Email Scammers

Despite spam filters, captchas and security patches, thousands of reputable businesses fall prey to clever email scammers every year — resulting in billions of dollars of lost time, productivity and revenue. Even the smartest individuals often become victims to a scammer’s complex hacking methods. Protect your business from email scammers by understanding how these scams work and learning how to prevent future attacks. Scammers use many techniques to trick companies into paying them money or inadvertently sending them intellectual property valuable for future schemes. One of the more popular scams involves...

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How To Get More Google Reviews

More than ever, customer reviews impact business both large and small. People tend to make purchases when seeing positive reviews — and will avoid purchasing products or services when they see too many bad reviews. With competition to attract customers always increasing, reviews matter significantly. Google still reigns as the most popular search engine, and in most cases, these reviews not only will be seen the most, but they also impact how your company ranks on Google searches. A few years ago, Google replace their Google Maps platform with a new system...

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Embrace The Web to Print Revolution

First, there was Gutenberg — and then came web to print. The rest is history! Twenty five years ago, the only option for quality B2B printing required a visit to a print shop to order business cards, brochures, letterhead or flyers. Then along came Internet darling and low cost mass printer VistaPrint in 1995, allowing anyone with a computer 24-hour access to design and print almost any item, delivered right to your door. So, what do you do as a business owner who wants the quality and service of a printing company...

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Save Money On Printing

When budgeting for office expenses, in office printing remains an expense many business owners underestimate — or simply fail to consider. Finding a middle ground between maximizing your printing needs and staying within your budget often presents a difficult challenge. Fortunately, with basic planning and simple processes, you can overcome this obstacle and reduce costs without losing a step. To save money right away, avoid using colored ink when possible. Color print cartridges cost up to 40% more than black print cartridges. Color documents take longer to print and consume more...

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Why Use Web 2 Print?

Revolutionizing the printing world, Web 2 Print technology offers businesses the flexibility to provide the ability to create effective marketing tools. With web 2 print, you can design and print brochures, flyers, business cards and more printed material to market your services.   In a nutshell, web 2 print refers to the practice of print business on the web. With what use to require several meetings with a print shop, web 2 print allows for instant changes and feedback between the client and the print shop. The ease of communication opens up...

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Don’t Waste Money On Marketing

Many small businesses find it challenging to effectively market to their ideal customer. As a result, small businesses waste millions of dollars each year advertising to the wrong people. While large companies simply throw a lot of money at the wall to see what will stick, small businesses lack the resources to effectively use trial and error as a marketing plan. So, what marketing method works best for small business owners? Before choosing a marketing method, understand the direction you want to take with your marketing. Your message may not...

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How SEO Increases Sales

Your potential customers are searching for products and services online — and more than 60% of the time on their mobile devices. Internet searches driven by SEO, beat out social media by more than 300% and remain the leading driver of customer traffic to business websites. Before you can take advantage of the fact that SEO increases sales — you need to first determine if potential customers find you online? Without the right SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and ongoing management, your website remains invisible to most potential customers. However, effective...

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Why Do I Need A Professional Web Designer?

Today, it seems that everyone is advertising free websites. While a free website sounds like a great deal, are you willing to bet the reputation and success of your company on the least expensive available option? As with most things in life, you get what you pay for! Your website is the first — and sometimes the only thing — your potential customers see when they are searching for your products or services. What type of first impression are they getting when they visit your website? Does your website properly represent...

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