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Marketing FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly are changes made?

When we decide to make changes or add content to your website, we want to be as efficient as possible. Usually, the changes are made within 24 hours after the decision. Our team excels at social media marketing. Whether you require help with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google + or other channels, we offer relevant and consistent social media campaigns to bring consistency to your social media accounts while engaging your audience.

Can you run my Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns?

Yes we can! Facebook and Google AdWords offer innovative ways to reach your market in new ways. These tools allow you to to be among the first businesses seen when a person actively searches for your services.

Do you provide pictures and content?

No website is complete without meaningful content and visuals. That’s why we provide our clients with useful content and pictures that attract consumers visiting your site and social media accounts.

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes! Our goal is to provide the best price for our clients — without bringing them out of business with overpriced services they do not need. We offer only what our clients need to grow, building relationships with consistent value and ROI for our clients.

Will I own my domain, website and its content?

Absolutely. You own the website; you simply give us the keys to create a more consumer friendly website. Every change and addition made will require your consent first.

How soon will my website be ready?

Websites for small to medium sized companies generally take as little as 7-10 business days to design and launch, provided we are supplied with all the necessary content for your website such as logo, text and pictures. If your website requires text, images and logo design then the launch will take a little longer.

Can I update my website myself?

We design all of our websites so they can be updated by customers. However, we understand that running a business can be stressful and time consuming, which is why we make it a priority to complete all requested updates within 24 hours or less.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website varies depending on the nature of the project and the extent of the work required. We are not the highest priced firm in the area nor the lowest priced firm. However, we do offer value, so you will always get more than you pay for with Spider Marketing Group.

Please call for a quote.

What information do you need to start working on my website?

We’ll take anything we can get, including your logo, pictures and text. If you don’t have any of that, that’s ok too! We love sitting down with new clients to plan a web design strategy that is perfect for you and your business.

Why should I hire a professional to design my website?

You wouldn’t give the keys to your business to a random guy off the street and ask him to run it for a week would you? You should treat your website with the same amount of care and respect because in many ways, your website is the face of your business and is often the first thing customers see — before they call your competitor. Designing a website is difficult and time consuming work, which is why our experienced Grand Rapids web designers handle all the details to ensure that the entire process is as pain free for you as possible. To learn more about why you should hire a professional web design team, check out our blog here.

Will my website design be search engine friendly?

All of our websites are designed with search engines in mind and are structured to be compatible with search engine guidelines. Because search engines alter their rules and algorithms over time, we advise that your website be re-evaluated once a year or so to ensure that it complies and is up to date with new search engine rules.

What is SEO and do I need it?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of maximizing the amount of visibility a website gets when potential customers search for their products or services online. This is accomplished by actively working to improve a website’s rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you want more people to find your business online and visit your website than it needs to be optimized for search engines by a professional. Check out our blog here for more SEO information.

For more information about Grand Rapids marketing from the experts at Spider Marketing Group, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.406.9695.